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The fees quoted show you the typical prices for the braces that we use. Fees may vary depending on the treatment aims and complexity, this will be fully explained to you and you will be given a written treatment plan before any treatment is commenced. The fee covers all active treatment, the provision of and supervision of retainers for one year after treatment finishes. The fee does not cover the replacement of lost or repeatedly damaged appliances and retainers.


Full orthodontic consultation with written report and records if required£120

Orthodontic treatment


Smile Plan 1
This is a comprehensive private treatment entitling patients to longer appointments and a wider range of orthodontic appliances
Upper or lower fixed appliances onlyfrom £2500
Upper and lower fixed appliances onlyfrom £3500
Smile Plan 2
This is a private option for children who do not qualify for NHS orthodontic treatmentfrom £2000



Orthodontic study models
Basic white study models£40
Polished private study models£60
Orthodontic photographs£30
Replacement removable retainers£80
Mouthguard for contact sports£70
Bonded retainer consultation to assess problems with bonded retainer/s, make comfortable and discuss treatment options£75
Removal of existing bonded retainer and provision of new removable retainer£120
Placement of new bonded retainer and the provision of a new removable retainer£180
Consultation regarding orthodontic re-treatment or continuation of a course of treatment that was started elsewhere£100
The price of re-treatment will vary, to be confirmed by orthodontist following a full clinical assessment.