The Exeter Orthodontic Practice was opened in 1982 by two specialist orthodontists, David Boxall and Henry Freeman. As orthodontic techniques have developed, the demand for treatment has significantly increased over the years. There are now four equal partners, Adrian Snelgrove, Joanne Davies, Jon Machell and Alister Green, working in the practice.

All the orthodontists in the Exeter Orthodontic Practice are specialists, having completed their Fellowship in Dental Surgery Examination, followed by a three year full time postgraduate course in Orthodontics involving a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics. The completion of specialist training is marked by the Membership in Orthodontic examination, accredited by the Royal Colleges of Surgeons. We all adhere to the rules governing our profession as laid down by the General Dental Council as found in “Maintaining Standards”, we are all committed to Continuing our Professional Development.

Exeter Orthodontic Practice
In November 2009 the Practice became members of the British Dental Association’s coveted Good Practice Scheme (click here for more info). This shows a commitment to patient care and adherence to policies and procedures laid down by the professional body. This is re-assessed annually for each member of the scheme.
Exeter Orthodontic Practice - Good Practice Scheme

We pride ourselves in the fact that the Exeter Orthodontic Practice is a family practice, in many cases; sons and daughters of David and Henry’s original patients are now returning to see us to have their teeth straightened. The reverse is also true as it is not uncommon for mums and dads to look at their children having their teeth straightened decide to have brace treatment themselves. It is nice to know that orthodontics can be successful at almost any age.

We strongly believe that orthodontic treatment should be evidence based and carried out to the highest standard. We all continue to remain committed to providing NHS orthodontic treatment to eligible patients under the age of eighteen. For patients with milder problems that are no longer covered by the NHS we are happy to offer a range of private treatment options.

Please note that all of the clinical photographs on this website have been taken with the written permission of patients treated in the Exeter Orthodontic Practice. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the patients concerned and most importantly would like to remind them to carry on wearing their retainers!.